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Leaders of China Zipper Association visited

On July 11, 2008, a group of four people including Chairman Shi Nenghui, Secretary General Ye Kelian, Deputy Secretary General Wang Zhiwu, and Vice Chairman Huang Qiwen of the Zipper Branch of China Hardware Products Association visited.

Congratulations to Wei Chuan Mechanism Unit for being awarded the title of "Worker Pioneer"

Congratulations to Wei Chuan Mechanism Unit for being awarded the glorious title of "Worker Pioneer" by Shandong Federation of Trade Unions!

Who is going to hang the bell

A group of mice suffered the cat's suffering, and they held a general meeting to discuss a complete strategy to deal with the cat. All the rats thought and thought, and finally, an old treacherous mouse came up with an idea that everyone admired by putting a bell around the cat's neck. As long as the cat moves, everyone can get an alert in advance and hide.

Weifang Zhongchuan Zipper Fittings Co., Ltd. introduced a new type of casting press

Weifang Zhongchuan Zipper Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in Changle County in 1992. After 23 years of development, it has become one of the leading companies in the domestic zipper industry and has participated in the formulation of national zipper industry standards.
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